I studied business and worked finances, marketing & social media – and I did not fully like it.

Only when I started my coaching career I discovered my passion for business as a means of spiritual and personal development.
As a journey home to yourself.
Through becoming who you are meant to be you are of service to the world, live a life of purpose and avec plaisir

Hi, I'm Rahel

And I am here to help you expand into your vast potential. When we let go of who we think we are and open ourselves up to who we might become, magic happens. But I am not here to tell you that it all happens magically! It is hard work, it is painful, it is insecure.

Your Soul is here to evolve – and evolution does not happen in the known comfortable good enough.

I am a coach, healer, astrologer + medicine woman

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Self-Knowledge, Encouragement, Purpose

Dear Rahel
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the astrology reading. It showed me so many things and I had so many “aha” moments both during and after reading it. It has given me a clear and deeper understanding of myself. And it has empowered me to follow my path! Thank you for your honest and empathetic words, often it feels like you’ve known me for ages. You encouraged me even more to pursue my joy, to listen to my intuition, to try things out and to broaden my horizons and also to give my artistic streak more space. And that’s exactly what I’m going after right now – it feels alive!
Thank you for waking up, strengthening and encouraging!

– Sarah

My Favorite Things

summer nights

dancing barefoot in nature

hanging out w/ Dogs

All things spiritual

Astrology books

Balance, liberation, Purpose

I believe that we are the healthiest, most impactful version of ourselves when we are in balance, when we live the path of our soul, our purpose, and when we liberate ourselves from hindring conditionning.

no one fits all strategy

I deeply believe in the individuality of every one of us. Therefore my goal is to empower you to find your own juicy way of doing & being in your business. Unraveling your soul path and intuition are pillars of my work.

connection to nature, the divine & myself

Is what I practice daily, is what gives me direction and keeps me strong. Rituals, rest, idly time. I believe that our work is only so good as our state of being.

1:1 Coaching

Ready to expand?

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"Wake up with purpose, live fully, go to bed satisfyed."

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