Ready to become the leader that you are meant to be?

Stepping into your life’s purpose requires mastery of your mindset, embodiment, emotional intelligence and much more. If it were easy, more people would do it! Are you ready to work on all levels and step into your next level self?

Build a business that is aligned with your soul purpose

Being your own boss brings all the freedom we desire! But too many possibilities can be overwhelming! When you align your business with your soul path the overthinking stops and you can act from a place of clarity and potency.

your birth chart is the blueprint to your soul led business

It reveals things like which customers to attract, what to offer,  what to include in your branding….

But mainly it ensures that you bring  the service into the world that you are here to deliver!

Does this sound like you?

You are overwhelmed by the many things you should and could do. You don’t know where to start and what to do step by step. You are lost in to do lists and plans that actually never made it from the paper to realization.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that just don’t feel true and good. Strict sales and marketing plans, trying to fit your multidimensional self into a tight box, prices that don’t honer your investment and energy. It’s time to do business your way, babe!

You’ve tried everything you knew but don’t see results. Built a website, shared on social, but there is not much interest from your audience? Let me tell you – starting a coaching biz requires a whole lot of resilience, self-sourcing and self confidence.

"You are on this planet right now to leave your imprint and change it for the good."

You're not alone

What you experience is totally normal...

We are all conditioned to function in the patriarchal system that does not honor intuition, rest, flow, honesty and natural magnetism.

In order to break the cycle and build new soul led, natural and flexible structures for our biz and life we need to decondition mind and body. We need to make space for new realities, expand our horizons and embody the reality that we desire to call ours!

Breaking the cycle means evaluating the believes and values that were passed on from our ancestors, honoring them and deciding to move on differently.

Our potential is endless, but we need to break out of the box first in order to step into what is possible.

Have you ever learnt to dream big? If not, I’d say it’s the time for it now!

Dream Big

What if I told you there was a new way of doing business?

A way that honors your feminine cycle, your needs, your devotion to your practice and your intuition. You are allowed to let go of the rules of business you learnt but do not feel good and playfully choose from a buffet of things that light you up!

Life gets to be joyful if we tap into our soul purpose, desires, needs and intuition and let them lead us. True motivation comes from the inside, from purpose, the wish to be of service, and the desire to leave your imprint on the world.

current reality

aspired transformation

"You are destined to live your life on purpose, with pleasure + make money doing it "

— Rahel ryatt

Here's how i work

My work is based on the ancient and sacred tool of Astrology. I have been self-studying Astrology since 4 years and my approach combines Evolutionary Astrology and Business Astrology. I have a business background with fife years of studying Business Administration and 10 years of working experience in Finance, Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing.
I am educated in Neuro Embodied Soul Centering,  Systemic Coaching and Yoga (200 hours).
Last but not least my work is informed by my own deep healing and transformation journey and my endless passion for all things spirit and higher learning.

Balance is key

The pillars of my coaching

I believe that the more balanced we are and the more we bring into balance in our environment the better we feel, be and act. Here’s what I aim to balance in my business and in yours!

working with natural laws

Cosmic Alignment

By aligning our work with our soul path and the current time quality the impact of our action increases drastically.

embody your soul blueprint

Neuro Embodied Soul Centering

Astrology really helps us to grasp things with the mind. But to truly embody our soul blueprint we need to work with the body and nervous system. Neuro Embodied Soul Centering is the key to your long lasting and deep transformation!

Intuition first

Access your body wisdom

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3 75 min calls per month

access to me during work days

welcome gift

Study at the pace that works for YOU

The hard facts

The Structure

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Finding the right coach is an endeavor that wants do be done carefully. If my philosophy, background, style of coaching and energy resonate with you, I am happy to get to know you personally. I offer a free 30 min call where you can get to know me and ask open questions.

Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Rahel

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