Align your biz + life with your soul purpose and divine timing

My mission is to help women thrive in their business and life and live it avec plaisir. By working with the codes of your unique natal chart and tools of Neuro Embodiment we unlock your inner power, creativity and flow.

Your mystical business plan

Unravel your unique soul business blueprint

How many times have you thought about who your soul client is, how your brand is most authentic, what words to use etc?
Lets close the open questions through the co-creation of a soul biz blueprint based on your natal chart. We work together over the period of two weeks and co-create a magical vision and down to earth strategy for your brand.

This is how it works:

  • Call 1: Birth Chart reading and foundation setting – 75′
  • 1 week of integration to clarify questions & birth new ideas
  • Call 2: Here we’re nailing it all down. We’ll define your vision, mission, values, talk branding, soul customers, offers. 2h
  • You’ll receive the zoom recording as well as summary of your soul biz blueprint with all the important keywords after the second call.

Biz strategy directly to your phone

Leverage your biz strategy + content through cosmic alignment

Create ease and flow through aligning your business activities and content with the current time quality. Receive 2-4 voice/text-messages per week directly to your phone with transmissions around manifesting with the moon, how to use each sun season, transits and retrogrades in your business.

Join now for 22.22 and keep this incredible rate forever!

1:1 Coaching Session

Step into the path of your soul biz - supported, guided, aligned + grounded

When we decide to no longer play small and step into our soul paths life can get a little shaky. Suddenly we’re responsible for all kinds of stuff – be it making money, finances, marketing, structure. And how we deal with that is a reflection of who we are, our mindset, our traumas, our conditionning. Let’s say it clear: building a successful online business requires a lot of work INSIDE and out.
This container is here to support you holistically on your journey through inner + outer work. I work with the sacred tools of Astrology and Neuro Embodiment to support you holistically.

2 spaces opening for August!

the mastermind to boost your visibility

Are you ready to be seen fully? Rock Instagram consistently, inspired and avec plaisir

Do you struggle with showing up on Instagram regularly? Don’t know what to post and just don’t like that whole thing of marketing yourself and smiling into camera all the time? Do you feel like you have to be someone else in order to be successful on Instagram?

If you answer some of the above questions with a full body ‘YES’, this Mastermind is for you!

We’ll shake out old believes that hold us back from being seen fully and successfully. We talk knowledge, strategy. We dive deep into shadow work, embodiment practices, transform and rise from the ashes with a new vision and confidence! You ready?
Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we start!!!

Don’t be fooled by good enough!

You are here to live an exceptional life!


Soul path reading

Deepen your dharma and self knowledge, step into your power

This is for you if you are sometimes doubting if you are on the right path, if you desire to deepen the understanding of yourself, if you are interested in the WHY’s in life.
Why this family, childhood, pain, career path, relationship…

You will be guided through a questionnaire in the booking process. Take some quiet time to fill it out so I can serve you best.
You will leave with much inspiration, a new sens of self and purpose. This reading will work with you long after the event.

Learn with me

The shadow work bundle

Integrate your shadow and become whole

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Social media magick workshop

digitale sichtbarkeit leicht gemacht

In diesem 3,5 Stunden Workshop erarbeitest du die Grundlagen für deine zukünftige Sichtbarkeit. Themen: Deine Einstellung zu Social Media, Ängste & Vorurteile, Brand Message, Vision, Story, Positionierung, Content, die Beziehung zur Audience, das Profil und vieles mehr.

Client love

Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für deinen tollen Workshop.

Du hast diesen so authentisch und hilfreich gestaltet. Du konntest mir erste Ängste nehmen um «nach aussen» zu treten, so dass ich bereits ins Tun gekommen bin.

Du hast uns sehr nützliche Tools mitgeben um die Gestaltung zu vereinfachen. Auch die Tipps und Tricks im Umgang mit den Plattformen war sehr hilfreich.


The pillars of my work


I believe that we are able to thrive the most, when we are in balance. In business I balance inner + outer work; masculine structure + feminine flow, aligned action + rest.

Cosmic alignment

When we align our activities with divine timing magic happens. We get to use our energy more potently and leverage the input by doing things at the right time.


We are souls in a human experience. Through the body we meet the world. And all our unconscious memories are stored in the body. By working with the body we go beyond the mind and create lasting changes.