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What does it mean to be visible? Is there one right way or one receipt to it that we can put on like a dress and then perform?

Being visible is not a one time fix or event but a consistence practice of showing up online. Every strategy that you try and that is not fully aligned with who you are and how you work is going to bore you or burn you out.

So what is the secret of being visible?

It’s a mix of things. It’s a mix of

  • internal and external work
    balance of the feminine and masculine
    balance of structure and flow
    balance of being expressed and being inside

Cause when you loose balance, you ain’t going to make it long!

And yet in today’s world we need to be visible as healers, coaches, teachers and entrepreneurs. The world of the internet offers us quantum leaps and leveraging. Soul customers from all around the globe. Working from home. Being mam and ceo. Travelling and working. Whatever it is you desire!

And this world needs us more than ever. When every person shines her light, there is not much darkness left.

Are you ready to shine your light and bring your sacred service into the world?

You know you are here to shine

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You are done with playing small

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You are ready to liberate yourself

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There are two important aspects to visibility

knowing where to go, seing the path clearly; having a clear visibility

being visible, walking the path with joy and ease, being embodied

We’ll work in depth with both aspects during the mastermind so that you come out cristal clear and wildly embodied

My visibility story

Embodied self expression is the north star of my life

My north node being in my 5th house of self expression and my sun delibitated in Libra being shiningly visible is not something that came natural and easy to me. But I would also not say that I have arrived somewhere. But I have for sure invested a lot of time, energy + dedication into deeply knowing and understanding myself and also expressing myself creatively.

I’ve for long time suppressed my desire to be of service to the world and being seen for it. My sun is in the 10th house of career and purpose. When I finally found out what I was here for – helping other through decoding their birth charts – I faced all kind of ressistances to bring it into the world. I felt too unimportant, too small, not wise, intelligent, knowledgable, experienced enough. When I finally started my journey as a yoga teacher, Covid hit and my new career was gone before it started.

With Uranus on my North Node at that time I decided to go all in and satrt a business based on social media. The time was ripe for me to jump. I had no idea.

Even though I worked as a social media manager I hat little to no idea of the coaching industry on Instagram. When I tapped into it I immediatelly felt the expansiona nd knew that I wanted to be part of this group of amazing women who is changing the world!

And ever since I have learnt and tried and explored. I am very much convinced that we all have our own blueprint for visibility and therefore I approach the topic from a perspective of knowing yourself, being confident and trusting in yourself rather than putting on other peoples strategies that do not satisfy and work for you.


Astrology And visibility

It's all about shining your Sun

When I talk about visibility I think about the archetype Leo. Leo, the Sun, the 5th house. The Leo personality is here to shine brightly; the sun is the center of everybodys personality + consciousness; the fith house the house (ruled by leo) of creative self expression.

In my experience being confidently and avec plaisir visible requires self knowing, -understanding, -acceptance, -worth and -love. A lot of self. Leo is the culmination of the build up through the houses/archetypes 1-4. The (physical) self, ressources, communication and home/inner securuity. And there in the 5th house it is time to shine and express that self.

Unfortunately for many the word ‘ego’ is negatively charged. The need to be seen diminished. We don’t dare to shine so brightly. We learnt that we are too much if we express ourselfes fully. We think that we should put ourselves behind others.

But let me tell you: everybody has a sun! And everybody has purpsoe! And it is in our power and responsibility to claim that and do good with it. We are the creators, the change makers, the sacred rebels and there is no change without some noise.

But you know what? it gets to be fun and pleasurable!

Embodiment and Visibility

By embodying your teachings you touch people

When you don’t embody what you believe, teach, preach you are just an empty shell speaking words
When you embody what you believe and teach, you touch people, you spark emotions, you inspire, you make them dream.
The more you are in the body, the less you are in the mind overthinking your words. The more you trust your intuition, the easier it gets.
The body also holds trauma and repressed emotion. Let’s get it out there and dance!

Things that hold us back from being visible

What is standing in your way?

– conditionning what one should and what not
– fear of being seen fully
– fear of judgement from others
– fear of doing things wrong (publicly)
– trauma from being burnt as a witch or truth speaker in previous lifes
– spiritual misunderstanding of ego is bad
– the believe that we need to be (like) somebody else in roder to be shiningly visible

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