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Align with the universe

There are times that are better for certain activities than others. By aligning your business activity with the cosmic rhythm you optimize your work in- and output. Your action is more potent and you get to have more rest, free time and flow in your life!

Aligned content creation will let your audience connect deeper with you as they will resonate with your work on a conscious + unconscious level.

What you'll get

Create ease and flow through aligning your business activities and content with the current time quality. You’ll receive 2-4 voice/text-messages per week directly to your phone.

When you align with the universal energies, things and life start to really make sense. You discover that everything is perfectly orchestrated. And by surrendering to that, you learn to trust that everything is as it has to be.

Rahel Ryatt

Meet your cosmic channel

Hello, I'm Rahel

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